The forests and wetlands of the Yucatan Peninsula are a birdwatchers paradise! Some 550 species have been registered here, more than the United States and Canada combined, and half the national total for Mexico.
It is also a transition zone between temperature climes and tropical America, meaning that you have double the variety. Wherever you look you are sure to see colorful birds and during this trip into the jungle in the Puerto Morelos area, you may be lucky enough to spot parrots, Yucatan and green jays and even the exotic looking turquoise-browed motmot, the area's own bird of paradise.
Winter brings a bonus for birdwatchers. Around 200 of the species on the Yucatan checklist are migrants and 150 million birds, ranging from warblers to waterfowl and hawks to hummingbirds, fly south from Canada and the United States every year to escape the cold, swelling local resident populations. They winter in the area or pause to rest and feed on the coast before continuing their journey further south.
With an experienced guide at your side you'll enjoy an early morning hike in a nature reserve in the jungle and as you are on the look out for birds, you'll also learn about native plants and trees and the other wildlife that makes its home in the forest.