Set sail from January to the end of March for this unforgettable eco adventure Expedition. We sail to find a sailfish school and get to see the fastest fish in the sea (they reach speeds of 68 miles/110 kilometers per hour) as they hunt migrating schools of sardines, mackerel, anchovies and jacks in the deep waters of the Caribbean to the east of Contoy Island.
When they detect a school of smaller fish, sailfish circle and gradually close in, unfurling their impressive dorsal fins or sails and using them to trap their prey. The frightened fish swim together forming a bait ball of shimmering scales to confuse the sailfish. The sailfish dart in from every side, picking the fish off one by one using their bill like a sword in a graceful underwater “ballet.” This is an unforgettable spectacle, a highlight of your Mexican Caribbean vacation.
You will be accompanied by a knowledgeable guide at all times and watch from a distance in the water as the sailfish hunt their prey. During the boat ride you’ll also spot frigate birds, pelicans, cormorants and you may be lucky enough to spot dolphins or turtles. The Snorkeling with Sailfish trip is only available from January to March.

This is an excursion that is usually taken by people dedicated to underwater photography, photographic safaris, immersions in icy waters and other experiences. You must be an experienced swimmer in good shape and health.