Las Coloradas is a small fishing village of just one thousand inhabitants located on the northern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. It is also the seat of one of the most important salt mines in the country that has been used since pre-Hispanic times. Imagine the history it has behind.

A vehicle will be waiting for us to ride them according to our choice. We'll take the path that will take us to this wonderful place. On the way you can enjoy the view of mangroves, saline vegetation of intact coastal dunes and some white sand beaches.

In Las Coloradas you will see the landscapes with great contrasts as you will not find anywhere else. Seawater is enclosed in dams so that with evaporation the salt is deposited and can be commercialized; this offers one of the most amazing landscapes! Due to the concentration of the salt, the water takes on coppery tonalities and when almost all the water has evaporated, it takes an incredible pink tone that is quite impressive.

This adventure includes a visit to the ría known as Ría Lagartos, where you can enjoy the scenery and the sighting of flamingos in their natural habitat,

Lunch will be served in a quite typical place of the region and then you might take a picture with a casserole crab and finish the tour with a Mayan bath based on natura mud or white clay with which you can exfoliate your skin or take the natural "fish Spa". Afterwords, we will take the way back home.