Spend the morning exploring Tulum, one of the Maya World's most beautiful archaeological sites and be back in your resort in time to enjoy the afternoon on the beach or by the pool.

Known as 'Zama' or 'dawn' in ancient times, Tulum crowns a rocky bluff and has breathtaking views of the Caribbean, the Quintana Roo coastline and the rising sun in the east. The temples and palaces we see today are the sacred heart of the city and are protected by an impressive wall on three sides. In fact, Tulum is one of only a few Mayan cities found to date with such fortifications.

From A.D. 1250 to 1521, Tulum prospered as a port due to its strategic location on the sea and overland trade routes and its sheltered bay, a safe harbor in times of storm. The principal temple at the site is El Castillo and other important groupings are the Temple of the Descending God, the House of the Columns, the Temple of the Wind and the Temple of the Frescos.