Spend a fun-filled day in Xcaret Park. Relax on the beach or in a shaded hammock, swim in the underground rivers or board a raft and drift along a jungle waterway called the Paradise River. If you are interested in nature, don't miss the aquarium, butterfly pavilion, sea turtle tanks, the placid manatees feeding in the lagoon, the aviary and the regional wildlife compounds.
As you walk along the paths through the forest you'll come across Mayan temples, the legacy of the days when Xcaret or Pole was a port. If you are interested in the Maya, take a few minutes to stroll around the miniature models of the Maya World's most important cities, visit the Ball Court and the Mayan Village, where you can watch craftsmen at work in front of traditional thatched houses.
Other park attractions include the rotating scenic tower and the Henequen Hacienda, site of the Museum of Mexican Handicrafts, full of colorful ceramic, wood and textile treasures from all over the country.
From the traditional cuisine served in the park restaurants, handicrafts and music to folk dances and ancient rituals, you'll be constantly reminded of the depth and diversity of Mexican culture. Be sure to stay on for the spectacular Xcaret evening show, an extravaganza of Mexican music and dance, a journey through the history of this country from the days of the ancient Maya.